Small Business Marketing Support

Helping business owners get more customers and make more profit

One day you decided to take control of your life and start your own business.

You were a great electrician, accountant, baker, salesperson (insert your job here).

You figured you could do a better job of it than your boss.

You could earn more.

You could have a bigger house, a better car, or maybe you just wanted more time to do what you want with your life. 

Just like many other business owners, your entrepreneurial journey begins.

You are the business. You wear all the hats. Marketing, sales, websites, production, and then there’s the dreaded bookkeeping.

The thing is, very few people learn how to run a business before starting their journey.

Just like starting a road-trip without a plan, it’s easy to get lost.

Lost. Stuck in a no-mans land. Your dreams and ambitions have been put to one side. 

You are soon too busy ‘earning’ a wage, to spend time growing your business or chasing your dreams.

Don’t worry. You aren’t alone.

Have you ever wondered….

How your competitors are really busy yet their products or service are inferior to yours?

Why your business suffers from periods of feast or famine?

Where is my next customer coming from?


I’ve a secret to share.​


It’s all that stands between you and your goals.

One thing. Between you and your dream life.

See, when you run a small business it’s success and your financial position as the owner comes down to regular sales.

Like clockwork. Every day, you need enquiries and sales.

It’s a fact. The real money hidden in your business isn’t in being an electrician, accountant or baker. It’s in the marketing and sales of your product or service.

As a business owner, if you want to scale and grow your business at least some of your week needs to be focused on producing sales and revenue, rather than production.

Regular action produces outstanding results. Simply put, the more seeds you plant, the more you’ll harvest. It’s a law of nature.

Rhythmic action leads to rhythmic acquisition of customers.

“the rhythmic acquistion of customers”

I wish my small business
came with an Instruction Manual…

But how do you market your business effectively?

What should you do? 

What marketing is best for your business right now?

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, SEO, Google Ads – there’s always something new…

It’s almost the perfect storm that afflicts so many businesses.

Four things are true:

  1. Effective marketing is now more complex than ever;
  2. Effective marketing requires specialist knowledge and understanding (that most business owners dont’ have because they are practitioners of their craft, not marketers);
  3. Effective marketing requires a high proficiency of execution to work well;
  4. Effective marketing is harder to achieve than ever before;

The result of this perfect storm is devastating for most business owners. Some are paralysed by indecision, unsure what to do so they do nothing.

Others chase the latest bright shiny thing, but their results are poor or non existent because there is no plan, no system or strategy behind their actions.

When business owners are successful, the results can become short lived because the business owner becomes too busy fulfilling orders to continue with the marketing, quotes and customer service.

So the old rollercoaster of feast and famine becomes the norm.

But there is another way.

When you have a marketing and sales system in place in your business, you can predictably and consistently bring in the right flow of new customers every week, like clockwork, taking the stress out of running a business.

The flip side of the coin, not having a system, leads to an unpredictable, unreliable and incredibly stressful business that compromises the financial future of the business owner.

A tested and proven
marketing and sales
system for your business

The Marketing and Sales System

1It works fast.  When you implement things correctly, you will see immediate trackable results within a few weeks.


It’s low cost.  In many cases, your marketing will require little additional budget. The whole point is we market your marketing more effective and will soon be paying for itself.


It’s timeless and scalable.  You are building a system for your business that will continue to work for you for years to come. It’s effective for all sizes and types of business.

The Small Business Marketing and Sales System is all about:

Book cover of The Entrepreneurs Marketing and Sales System by Jamie Morgan and Nigel Botterill
The Entrepreneurs Marketing & Sales System - 258 Pages

Small Business Mentoring
What is it? and How does it work?

The Small Business Marketing and Sales System consists of five structured parts to work through in your business.  But like most things, if you want to do it properly, you get help.

To make real progress and achieve proper success, in your business, you need help, guidance and support from someone that’s been there and done it before. From someone who is an expert, with a proven system that will get you where you want to be.

Headshot of Jamie Morgan Director of Help Me Grow in Colour
Jamie Morgan is a marketing specialist who works with businesses to help them crack the rhythmic acquisition of customers. His implementation of the Entrepreneurs Marketing & Sales System into businesses boosts revenue and markedly improves profit. Small business marketing support.

Our Marketing and Sales System comes with a small business mentor, working alongside you 1 to 1, ensuring it’s implemented effectively in your business.

Take a deep breath. You’ve now got a professional in your corner rooting for you, cheering you on and guiding you.

You’ll work with me, Jamie. I’m a marketing professional, experienced business owner and most importantly your own specialist small business coach.

It’s my job to get to know you and your business inside out.

We’ll speak regularly, usually once every two weeks – either on the phone, or preferably via Zoom call. Normally it will be the same day and time, so working on your business becomes part of your routine.

You’ll decide on and agree 1 or 2 specific actions at the end of each call to push your business forward. It will be my job to hold you accountable.

At the start of each session we will review your Scorecard, your numbers and your progress.  After all, getting the system built right for your business depends on both actions and results to crack the rhythmic acquisition of customers.

I will help guide you through The Marketing & Sales System, providing the tools and resources you need to get the best from it. You should expect it to take 12-18 months to go through the first ‘Stabilise’ Circuit.

Most clients start to see measurable results within the second or third month. It’s not unusual for your monthly ‘investment’ to be ‘paying for itself’ from increased revenue by Month 3.

I've heard of Business Coaching before
Is this right for me?

Business Coaching is all about getting you to where you want to be.

It takes a little honesty and soul searching to realise you can’t do it on your own, or to admit there’s something that needs improving. After all, your business is your pride and joy, your baby.

So kudos to you, for looking for help.

If the questions below resonate, then small business coaching could be perfect for you.

Be honest, did you find yourself answering YES?

These 9 questions are a great reality check for business owners.

They highlight the symptoms of an owner too busy reacting on the day-to-day issues, working ‘in’ their business, sacrificing time that should be spent creating the strategy and direction of the business.

Cant see the wood for the trees.

Often it’s the outside perspective of working with an expert small business coach, that helps highlight and fix those challenges.

It’s time for us to talk about your business and where you really want to get from it.

Let’s talk about your business and your goals.
You can book straight into my diary
or, send me a message

Specialist help to start or grow your business
We train, mentor and support business owners

See what others are saying..

Here's a selection of comments from our recent talks, workshops and coaching clients.


I've followed your suggestions for my SmugMug website

I've gone from not featuring at all on Google to currently being entry no.4 on page 1! Very valuable advice - thanks again.
Philip Yale QGPP
Philip Yale Photography
Cheshire Dog & Equine Photographer

I can highly recommend Jamie. He knows his stuff!

I recently attended a presentation Jamie gave on social media marketing for business. I am so pleased that I did.
It was just the inspiration I needed and gave me the motivation and focus to readdress what I was doing.
Having implemented some of his suggestions my Google reviews increased from 8 to 22 in one day and I also had a couple of enquiries as a result. I can highly recommend Jamie. He knows his stuff!
Joanne Gower ARPS ABIPP
Wedding Photographer

A very informative talk!

Jamie gave a talk on business tips for photographers recently which I attended via Zoom - very informative talk with a lot of interesting points to take in
Raphael Mason

Potential to make a vast difference

I recently spent an educating evening listen to Jamie cover a number of steps that a photographic business could carry out as we get closer to working again. Although the steps had been tailored to photographers they could have easily been applied to any small business. With so much information freely given if only half the steps were followed they have the potential to make a vast difference to any business. A really enjoyable session delivered in a clear and concise manner, time seemed to fly by.
Mike Weeks

Very informative and helpful

Excellent Zoom presentation by Jamie, very informative and helpful. Jamie is extremely knowledgeable and gave me a great ideas and insight into how to progress my business - thank you.
Samantha Jones
I met Jamie a few years ago and have attended various talks where he eagerly shares his vast amount of knowledge in business strategies.

He is a motivated individual who wants to make a difference and help those who need a boost in climbing the ladder of success
David James Coxsell
David James Coxsell
Visibility Consultant

Great business advice.

Great business advice. Clear, concise and makes perfect sense. Highly recommended.
Simon Burchett

The perfect refresher

I got to attend a virtual talk with Jamie talking through his 10 steps of marketing (as part of the British Institute of Photography) and I took two full pages of notes!

I've had my business for nearly 11 years now but there's always room for growth and learning, Jamie's course was the perfect refresher to get me motivated for a 'hopefully' busy year ahead!
Charlene McNabb
Photographer and Videographer
Love Gets Sweeter Photography and Videography

Highly Recommended!

Excellent presentation and advice from Jamie about resetting your business that could also be applied to starting a fresh venture.

Great explanations about wealth analysis, defining your ideal client, goal planning, marketing and PR to name but a few.

Highly recommended.
Phil Melia
Phil Melia
Commercial & Industrial Photographer

A real masterclass.

I always think it’s best to go to an expert and learn ‘from the top down’, so you’re told about something you would never have discovered on your own.
Jamie’s 10 Steps to Re-Launch Your Business in 2021 for the British Institute of Professional Photography last night did exactly that, with so much valuable information to digest and implement.
From the cash calendar, to the murder board, to the customer avatar, Jamie displayed vast knowledge and brought every aspect of the marketing process to life.

A real masterclass. Thank you, Jamie!
Helen Tabor
Architectural Photographer
I meet Jamie a few years ago through the Master Photographers Association meet the masters weekend, He co-hosted the event which turned into massive success.

Since then Jamie has helped me focus on my business, when things have got tough Jamie always seems to see it for a different angle and be able to help direct the business in the correct direction.

I am now in the process of setting up a second business which Jamie has already started giving my the tools to make it a true success.

Jamie is a true inspiration and a fantastic mentor I would recommend anyone to use his services.
Darren Whiteley
Photographer & Business Owner
Treasured Moments Photography

Simple to understand, no-nonsense language

During the lockdown, Jamie reviewed photographers’ websites to show areas they can improve. He providing a detailed analysis of their site via a webinar.

The webinar took on a root and branch approach demonstrating how extra business could be won and how it could be being lost. It was really detailed covering content, technical issues, and search engine optimisation - (all of which I have a little but not a lot of knowledge about), he outlined the areas for improvement in a simple to understand, no-nonsense language.

I’ve invested heavily in my website and SEO, and I still came away with a healthy to-do list!
greg harding
Greg Harding
Industrial and Construction Photographer
Jamie is a very knowledgeable guy and willing to always help fellow togs especially in the marketing arena which is where we almost always fall flat on our faces. I would say that along side his marketing skills his photography is wonderful and is reflected by his achievements with the BIPP and the MPA. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Jamie for fellow photographer needing marketing advice.
Geraint Williams

Focused and results driven

Jamie Morgan is a focused and results driven marketeer.

His in-depth analysis of clients needs is the basis and starting point of his hard-work.
Monir Ali
Monir Ali
South East Regional Chair
British Institute of Professional Photography

Website reviews are excellent!

I have known Jamie for a few years, he is extremely generous with his time and his marketing knowledge.

He does not pull his punches and gives not only honest feedback, but also pointers and advice for improvement.

His website reviews are excellent.
Phill Andrew
Phill Andrew
The image Mill

He wants to see people succeed

Jamie is an exception person. He is very knowledgeable, motivated and giving individual, who has helped me in many ways.
When I first met Jamie I was going through a bit of a rut in life and work. I spoke to him online and eventually we met, when I went to a talk he was gaving (one of several I have been to).
Jamie gave some great insights and information on everything from running a business, marketing, right though to delivering a product to the customer. He gave me some wonderful advice, which really made me think dif