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Business coaching helping you grow the business of your dreams

Business coaching for ambitious business owners to create successful, profitable businesses

✓ Develop a clear business vision

Reconnect with your goals and why you started a business in the first place

✓ Master your marketing

Put the foundations blocks in place to generate consistent new business

✓ Achieve your goals

Work alongside your business coach to smash your goals

Do these business problems sound familiar?

Be honest, did you find yourself answering YES?

These questions are a great reality check for business owners.

They highlight the symptoms of an owner too busy reacting on the day-to-day issues, working ‘in’ their business, sacrificing time that should be spent creating the strategy and direction of the business.

Can't see the wood for the trees...

Often it’s the outside perspective of working with an expert small business coach, that helps highlight and fix those challenges.

It’s time for us to talk about your business and where you really want to get from it.

Guidance to get you back on track

1. Find Your Gap

Reconnecting you with why you started your business in the first place. Help to understand the important numbers in your business. Define what your business needs to deliver for you, the business owner, and your future.

2. Build The Foundations

Putting in place the basic marketing systems to equip you for success. Implementation of the 11 foundation blocks of marketing help create consistent and profitable enquiries into your business.

3. Stablise, Optimise & Grow

Stabilisation is all about developing your business processes, sales and marketing, so they are consistently successful. Once everything is like a well oiled machine, we look to scale and grow your business.

Structured business and marketing coaching

A tested and proven marketing and sales system for your business.

The Entrepreneurs Marketing and Sales System consists of five structured parts to work through in your business. 

But like most things, if you want to do it properly, you get help.

To make real progress and achieve proper success, in your business, you need help, guidance and support from someone that’s been there and done it before.

From someone who is an expert, with a proven system that will get you where you want to be.

Marketing Coaching for Small Businesses

An experienced business owner to guide you on your journey

A serial entrepreneur with over 25 years experience, Jamie brings his passion for marketing and business growth into your business as your Business Coach.

What our customers are saying...

Great business advice. Clear, concise and makes perfect sense. Highly recommended.
Simon Burchett image of pier at sea.
Simon Burchett
Having implemented some of Jamies suggestions my Google reviews increased from 8 to 22 in one day and I also had a couple of enquiries as a result. I can highly recommend Jamie. He knows his stuff!
Joanne Gower Photographer
Joanne Gower
I have learned a lot about my social media, website and marketing from Jamie. He is a pleasure to work with and learn from, I look forward to working with him again soon.
Katherine Mott Professional Photographer
Katherine Mott

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