Website Review Website Review – April 2020

The next of our website critiques has gone live.

Even if this isn’t your website, I would encourage you to watch as I’m sure you’ll pick up tips on how to improve your own site.

Today we look at the website of Phill Andrew and his website.

Great points about

✅ Secure site with SSL certificate

✅ Using a Content Delivery Network to simplify code and fast load a website

✅ A great amount of content on the home page

✅ Use of video and other media to keep people on the site.

✅ Calls to action through the site.

Some key areas to think about:

➡️ add some negative space to the site, it’s all a little crammed

➡️ re-record those videos 😱

➡️ consider your brand colours carefully, it’s a bit beige, and we want to make our site and customers stand out.

➡️ change heading and call to action colours to draw attention

➡️ change our services/prices boxes, with highlighted boxes to draw attention to what we want them to buy

➡️ add a blog or additional pages

➡️ add basic SEO – Titles, Meta descriptions, image attributes, ensure you have an xml sitemap, build some backlinks.

All of these reviews will be moving onto our Youtube Channel so you can watch and learn, and revisit them:

The products recommended within the video are available here:

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