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Are business mentors free?

We are often asked are business mentors free. The simple answer is yes, and no.

With a little research, you can often find free business mentoring through a trade association, via your local council, or a regional Chamber of Commerce.

Free business mentoring programmes are normally funded via grants, or regional development funds, so they have little or no cost to the mentee.

Business mentors working within these schemes are often from a Banking, economic development or similar background and can be a great way of finding out about resources available from the government and other agencies. Signposting you to great sources of small business information and resources.

When you are looking to start or grow your business, the appeal of free business mentoring can be really tempting. 

A free business mentor will often work with you on either a specific programme, such as Help to Grow, or to help you with a specific problem in your business – for example recruitment, raising finance, relocating your business or exporting to another country. The programme may be for a specific period of time, or project.

Some free business mentoring programmes may be industry-specific. Often entrepreneurs will provide business mentoring when they retire as a way to spend their time and help other businesses within their industry.

Working with a specialist business coach or business mentor, however, can have a greater long term impact on your business success.  You will generally work together for a minimum of 12 months and work on a structured programme of improving all areas of your business.

Your business coach will become an extension of your team. They are invested in your success, provide a voice of reason and a sounding board, provide accountability, ensuring you and your business meet your goals.

Free Business Mentoring in Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire

Places to find free business mentoring in Surrey, Berkshire, Hampshire and surrounding counties:

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