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BEWARE Random Acts of Marketing [2023]

Roulette Wheel - Random Acts of Marketing

BEWARE Random Acts of Marketing. Do you love to gamble? Step into the casino. The bright lights. The buzz of excitement in the air. Flashing lights from multicoloured slot machines. […]

What is Apple Business Connect?

Apple Business Connect

GBP is so 2022. Welcome, Apple Business Connect. SEO…. exciting stuff? Not really. But one change in the world of SEO (or Search Engine Optimisation for the non-IT geeks) is […]

Google Update

In today’s Marketing Slot, we are going to be revising the subjects of Google and Websites. If you’ve tuned in over the past few months, you will have heard me […]

How to Personalise your Ford Mustang 2020

We love things that are personalised, unique and special to us. As a business, we can charge more for something unique to our client, because it’s not run of the […]

Half-time team chat. [July 2020]

Half-Time Team Chat.

Half-Time Team Chat. We are almost halfway through what can only be described as a mental year. With almost every business in our industry grinding to a halt through the […]