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Ben and Jerry Tweet Off with Priti

Ben and Jerry

How calling out the Home Secretary Priti Patel brings Ben and Jerry’s to the headlines this week. If you love ice cream, then you’ll be well acquainted with Ben and […]

Lovely Jubbly LinkedIn!


Lovely Jubbly LinkedIn!  “He who dares, wins.” The lovable rogue of the 1980’s television, Del Boy, epitomised the entrepreneur of the time. Wheeling and dealing, brick-like mobile phone and Filofax in hand.  Delboy loved a good […]

The Power of Testimonials – [June 2020]

testimonials and reviews

“Jamie, you have just got to try….. it was amazing!” The power of testimonials and personal recommendation is immense. According to Nielsen and Roper Reports, 92% of people acknowledge that […]