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Terms & Conditions

Of our "Double Your Investment" Guarantee

Terms & Conditions
of Our 'Double Your Investment' Guarantee

We guarantee that you’ll get at least double your investment back in additional sales.

This guarantee is offered in good faith because we know that our system works.

The guarantee is not an excuse to avoid effort or execution on your part – you must make things happen in your business to bring about change and the guarantee is subject to the following conditions:

  1. All payments to your Coach and any other purchases, must be made on time. Missed or delayed payments by you will invalidate the guarantee;
  2. You must make at least 12 monthly payments, or have paid upfront for one year, before you can claim under the guarantee.
  3. You must submit your ‘12 Key Numbers’ within one month of starting to work with your Coach. Your start date is defined as the date of your first payment which is made at the point of sale and is not determined by your first call or meeting with your coach;
  4. If you intend to claim upon the guarantee you must notify your Coach in writing no later than nine months after your Start Date so that he/she has time to work with you – or for you – to fix the issue and generate the additional sales for you. Failure to explicitly ask for help before the end of month 9 and to reference the guarantee in that request for help will invalidate the guarantee.
  5. If you fail to keep in regular proactive contact with your Coach, follow their advice and guidance, attend all scheduled calls and/or meetings with your Coach and ask for help when needed and/or implement marketing strategies or tactics prescribed by your coach then your guarantee will be invalid. We can only guarantee results when you do what we suggest.
  6. If, after the end of 12 months after your start date, you have not generated additional sales in your business in those 12 months that is higher than the previous 12 months, by at least double the amount you have paid for your Coaching programme then you must again notify your Coach in writing and provide the detailed numbers to support your claim. That notification must be made no later than 13 months after your start date.
  7. If there is any dispute or disagreement about the uplift of your sales, then you must give us access to your book-keeping system and accounts so that we can verify the numbers. No claims under the guarantee will be accepted if received more than 13 months after your start date.
  8. In the unlikely event that there is a shortfall in additional sales then the Coach will pay the difference needed to double your investment over the past 12-months in no more than six equal instalments. The sum to be paid will be calculated by taking your sales for the past 12-months when working with your coach, minus the sales for the 12-months prior (X). Then doubling the net investment paid to your coach over that 12-month period and minusing the previous total (X) from that.