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Find business advice in Aldershot 2023

Find business advice in Aldershot 2023

Find business advice in Aldershot 2023

If you are looking to start a business in Aldershot, or grow an existing small business, you could be looking for the best business advice or support to take your business to the next level.

Luckily there are a huge number of resources available to help business owners get their new project off the ground, or expand, especially in the age of the internet.

Resources like social media and YouTube are full of information and support groups for specific industries. If you run a food-related business, then The FoodHub is one fantastic example of a supportive community for small business owners.

If you have a niche business, however, meeting an experienced business advisor, business coach or business mentor face-to-face can often help boost your confidence and improve outcomes.

We feel better understood on a personal level, but also when signposted towards help and advice, or grants, they are appropriate for the local area we live or run our business in.

Find business advice in Aldershot

So where can we look for business advice in Aldershot?

One common place small business owners look for advice is with their accountants.
Getting the right advice from a Chartered Accountant early on in business can really pay dividends further down the line in business.

You might need help understanding the basics of how to structure your business legally, to getting your bookkeeping straight from day one.

It’s time and money well invested.

As your business grows, then the relationship with your accountant will need to as well.

From preparing end-of-year accounts to cash-flow forecasts and tax predictions, the professional business owners’ relationship with their accountant is a two-way conversation throughout the year.

Where should you look for an accountant?

You should definitely check out the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales website, then we’d recommend asking for introductions to great accountants by name at local networking events. This way you are bound to get introduced to someone respected within the local business community.

Start-up business space in Aldershot, Hampshire

Located in the North East corner of Hampshire, Aldershot has a fantastic position just 31 miles south west of London with easy road and rail connections to both London and the Coast.

Well known across the country for its connections to the Military, Aldershot has been dubbed the Home of the British Army. As you can imagine, with its aerospace and technology sectors linked to Farnborough, it attracts lots of new start-up businesses to the area each year.

One of the hidden gems in Aldershot is the Aldershot Enterprise Centre, which provides start-up office space, business mentoring, training and workshops for small businesses. 

Established by WSX Enterprises and the local economic development bodies, this historic military building, a Formers Officer’s Mess has been converted into an affordable start-up office space and meeting facility.

For over 20 years the centre has been developing links within the local area and it aims to provide a wrap-around support to start-up businesses – from a coffee shop and social aspect to expert business advice government-funded.

Aldershot Enterprise Centre, Mandora House, Aldershot

Other places to look for commercial property or business start-up space in Aldershot include:

Local knowledge is always helpful, the following agents are located in the areas surrounding Aldershot:

Aldershot Economic Development

Rushmoor Borough Council has the ultimate responsibility for encouraging economic growth within Aldershot and surrounding towns.

There’s a whole stack of information you might want to head to the council offices or website to find out about.

Rushmoor Borough Council has their own business support and advice team that can provide specific advice about starting a business in Aldershot, Ash, Farnborough or surrounding areas.

The local authority will hold a register of empty commercial property within the are, this can be handy if you have specific requirements for office space, warehousing or other premises.

Many councils around the country also have business start-up units available with a staggered/tiered rent model, and easy in/out licences rather than expensive and complex leases.

If you are starting a health and beauty business, a food business or other licensable business then a conversation with your local environmental health team will definitely be on the cards. They’ll advise on what you need to do to satisfy their requirements, and if they’ll need to inspect your premises before you plan to open. An early conversation can save heartache later!

Likewise, if your property is likely to need changes to planning regulations then Rushmoor Borough Council will be the local authority dealing with your enquiries or application.

Aldershot Town Regeneration & Business Opportunities.

Aldershot Town Centre is going under massive regeneration at the moment with millions of pounds being invested to improve the town centre and the new Union Yard Project.

Due to be completed in the Summer of 2024, the project creates a new public space in the town centre of Aldershot surrounded by commercial units, restaurants and housing.

In a bid to bring in a younger workforce to the area, there will be ample student accommodation which in itself provides opportunities for employers.

One thing is for sure for those searching for business opportunities, there will be some great business potential within both Farnborough and Aldershot in the coming years.

Rushmoor Borough Council is boldly pushing forward with redevelopment in the region to attract both businesses and residents to help the area thrive in the coming decades.

Aldershot Regeneration Project – Union Yard

Neighbouring Farnborough is also undergoing re-development with a new Civic Quarter the destination for new leisure facilities and 1,000 new energy-efficient homes, offices, hotels and green spaces.

The M3 corridor running from Bagshot to Hook really is becoming an area worth investigating when looking to start or relocate a business.

Networking events for town centre businesses in Aldershot and Farnborough.

There are lots of opportunities for small business owners and start–up entrepreneurs to get out and meet other business owners across Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire.

Town Centre Business and Retailer Forums

Rushmoor Borough Council runs town centre business and retailer forums which are a great way to meet retail and other businesses based within Aldershot, Farnborough or North Camp business areas.

Organised by the Town Centre Management teams, you’ll find the details of upcoming events here.

BNI Hampshire

Business Networking International is one of the biggest and most successful referral networking organisations in the world. With groups meeting in towns across the country, they focus on creating business opportunities for members and boosting the local business economy.

The Hampshire Region is run by Alyson Roach, Executive Director.

One of the largest Hampshire groups meets in Holiday Inn at the North Camp, between Aldershot and Farnborough.

Find out more details here – BNI Farnborough Jets

Expert Business Advice for Start-Ups in Aldershot

Entrepreneurs Circle Local Meeting in Farnham

Just 5 miles down the A331 is the market town of Farnham. Each month entrepreneurs from Farnham, Aldershot, Guildford and Camberley meet together for a business improvement event.

This event focuses on marketing strategies and business improvement techniques, but also provides a peer-to-peer network to help support and encourage business owners along their journey.

Led by an Entrepreneurs Circle Ambassador, the meeting helps business owners to step away from working in their businesses for a few hours each month and focus on growing their business.

Find out more about the EC Local Meeting in Farnham.

Farnham Entrepreneurs Circle Local Meeting
Farnham Entrepreneurs Circle Local Meeting

Business Growth Specialists at Help Me Grow

We don’t know, what we don’t know. This has never been a more appropriate saying than in business.

At various times in our business journey, we are likely to need some help, support and guidance to help us reach the next step.

This is where business coaches, business mentors and business consultants come in. Each has a different skill set, some perform multiple roles, but there is a difference.

Whilst government-funded mentoring can offer a short-term, very focused piece of work, one-to-one or small group coaching or mentoring can provide proven long-term results when it comes to growing your business.

Jamie Morgan is a business growth specialist who provides coaching, mentoring and specialist consulting to help small businesses build robust foundations and grow.

As a government-approved mentor, Jamie a member of the Association of Business Mentors is bound by the European Mentoring & Coaching Council Global Code of Ethics.

Jamie is a serial entrepreneur with over two decades of experience starting and growing small businesses. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurship, Member of the Institute of Engineering & Technology and a Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and a Studying Member of the Chartered Management Institute.

From understanding the important numbers in your business to building a successful marketing machine, to developing processes and systems to grow, Jamie works with businesses with all sizes in Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire.

Facing a challenge in your business right now or not sure where to get started? Book a free consultation.

Other business coaching organisations include:

  • ActionCoach
  • Pro-Actions
  • UK Business Mentoring

Advertising opportunities in Aldershot.

Thanks to its links to the British Military, Aldershot has one of the most diverse cultures in the country. This provides a great opportunity for businesses to really identify and connect with their ideal customer and opens opportunities in new cultural groups if we get creative with understanding their needs too.

Rushmoor Borough Council recently commissioned an art project called Beyond the Lens, documenting the different communities and cultures within the borough. It’s well worth a look.

One thing that brings a lot of the local community together is the love of the local football team, fondly dubbed ‘The Shots’ – Aldershot Town Football Club. There are plenty of affordable ways to gain exposure through advertising at the club – from sponsoring the stadium, pitchside adverts, enjoy match day hospitality to ad’s in the match programme. You can find out more on the Aldershot Town FC website.

Picture of Jamie Morgan

Jamie Morgan

Jamie Morgan is a business coach and marketing specialist who works with businesses to help them crack the rhythmic acquisition of customers. His implementation of the Entrepreneurs Marketing & Sales System into businesses boosts revenue and markedly improves profit.

Jamie is an EC Certified Business Coach, Fellow of the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs and a Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.