IOEE Approved Academy

Who are the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs (IOEE)

The Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs (IOEE) are the UK’s only Institute dedicated to enterprise and entrepreneurial thinking.

The Institute was  established to:

  • promote and develop in every possible way the advancement of the science, practice and support of enterprise, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship
  • advance education involving the study of skills of enterprise and enterprise support for the benefit of the community in the fields of industry, trade, commerce, the public sector, social enterprise and the third (voluntary) sector
  • encourage the education, training and recognition in all matters relevant to the advancement of enterprise and enterprise support
  • encourage and facilitate structured continuing professional development of Members
  • enable people involved in enterprise to meet and correspond and to facilitate the exchange of ideas concerning the science and practice of enterprise
  • adopt and establish standard practices in enterprise and enterprise support and obtain official recognition of such standard practices where appropriate
Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs IOEE approved academy

An IOEE Approved Academy

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Accredited courses include:
ioee approved academy

Our IOEE Approved Academy Management Team

Jamie Morgan FIOEE

Daniel Adams MIOEE

Leanne Brooks MIOEE

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