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Love Gets Sweeter Website Review [August 2020]

Love Gets Sweeter Website Review

Our Website Reviews are back and today we are looking at the website of Charlene McNabb and Love Gets Sweeter Wedding Photography.

Charlene and Love Gets Sweeter are Lancashire-based Wedding and Family Photographers and Videographers. We’ve reviewed their website as part of our work helping members of the British Institute of Professional Photography improve their marketing.

Head over and take a look at Charlene’s beautiful work at https://lovegetssweeter.co.uk/

I’m getting to the bottom of the pile of work to upload on my desktop, at last, so you’ll see a few more critiques over the next few days.

Love Gets Sweeter Website Good Points:

✅ A great website, with lots of clear fast loading video and images.

✅ SSL Certificate

✅ Great hosting, video hosting, CDN make a fast site

✅ Utilising the Facebook Pixel to collect visitor data

✅ WordPress based site with the Divi theme giving a great foundation for support, reliability and SEOability

✅ Charlene uses Mouseflow software to analyze visitor use of her website and tweak it.

Love Gets Sweeter Areas for improvement:

ℹ️ Take a look at the basics of the page design to add some breathing space, white space is needed to give ideas and testimonials space to breath

ℹ️ Look at design ideas to break up big blocks of text. Shorter sentences, two columns, etc will all help those that skim read.

ℹ️ Learn some basic HTML to allow line breaks and paragraph breaks </br> etc to fix stray words and sentences.

ℹ️ Some images are too big and need resizing. Resize images before you upload, then use JPGMini and Smush, to get the best optimisation.

ℹ️ Pay attention to ALT Tags for images, they can be used for SEO and Local SEO. Around 60 are missing.

ℹ️ Use SEO friendly file names when naming images

ℹ️ Some pages are missing H1 and H2 Heading tags.

ℹ️ Create stronger calls to action

ℹ️ Look at creating lead magnets both on-site and for use in your remarketing campaigns.

ℹ️ Add the Institute Logo and information about becoming a qualified professional when appropriate.

ℹ️ Get on top of Google My Business

👉 Add lots of images that showcase your work (as in hundreds, but a few at a time)

👉 Add videos

👉 Add behind the scenes photos your customers have taken

👉 Work hard on increasing your reviews to dominate your local area

👉 Use a tool like Publr to publish daily to GMB and LinkedIn too.

All in all a lovely site, with lots of information, great images, and video.

You have worked so hard on this and you should be proud, now’s your opportunity to step it up a notch by improving your SEO, Local SEO and then Marketing Automation like drip feed campaigns, Facebook retargeting and look-alike campaigns

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