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Where Are You On The Pyramid?

80% of Business Owners are wrong - about everything!
Here's the proof...

Are you in the 80% or the 20%?
The 7 Rules of Effective Marketing and

When you started out in business you had a plan.

A dream. A goal.

There was a reason why you set up on your own.

Maybe it was about the independenace, the money, the flexibility, the sense of purpose or being able to make a difference.

But the really sad thing is that, somewhere between their first day in business and today, most business owners have compromised on their goal.

Things haven’t quite turned out how they planned.

Typically, they’re working harder and longer than they ever expected.

Most are conscientious and do a good job for their customers but they’re not achieving the fulfilment or success they aspired to.

If you analyse any industry or sector what you’ll find is that the financial success of all the businesses in there breaks down broadly into 5 segments.

At the top, are 1% of business owners who are rich. Super successful.

Just beneath them are 4% of businesses that are doing great. Their owners are prosperous.

Then, there are typically around 15% who are ‘getting there’. They’re making a good living.

But the biggest segment, in pretty much every sector, typically around 60%, are businesses that are getting by. They’re in a ‘endless financial struggle’. The owner is working really hard and rarely takes proper holidays.

They eeek out a living, manage to somehow pay their bills but they never quite have enough surplus cash to do the things they really want to do.

And then at the bottom of the pyramid are the 20% or so businesses that at any time are broke.

Take a look at the pyramid.

Where are you? Take a moment to reflect.

Let’s think about why so many business owners 80% (!!) – are just getting by, or broke!

Because that was never their plan, was it!

No one ever started a business with the intention of just getting by or being broke.

Obviously, there are a number of factors but one major characteristic that is definitely missing for the vast majority of businesses in those bottom two segments is…. 

… how they market their business.

Here at Help Me Grow we have 7 Rules of Effective Marketing.

These 7 Rules have helped thousands of business owners to move markedly up the pyramid. 

The Rules give you a checklist. A roadmap. A framework.

These 7 Rule will help you get more customers, paying you more money, more often.

Discover how to set your business apart from the competition and move up the pyramid, simply download your copy and put the 7 Rules of Effective Marketing into action.

7 Rules of Effective Marketing


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What clients are saying

Jamie Morgan - Business Coach and Marketing Mentor

Jamie Morgan is a business coach and marketing specialist who works with businesses to help them crack the rhythmic acquisition of customers. His implementation of the Entrepreneurs Marketing & Sales System into businesses boosts revenue and markedly improves profit.

Since 2015, Jamie has been speaking, educating and mentoring business owners on how to make their business stand out and gain more customers.

Jamie has run successful businesses for over 22 years in diverse sectors as marketing and photography, electrical and fire safety consultancy, confectionery and office supplies. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs, Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and Member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology.