The Armed Forces Covenant 2021

The Armed Forces Covenant [2021]

Why the Armed Forces Covenant?

Focus. Determination. Teamwork. Resilience.

Four terms that perfectly describe the entrepreneur. That succeed at all costs attitude.

These are also skills and mindsets instilled within our Armed Forces from the day they arrive at basic training.

Our service personnel excel in hundreds of roles from engineers, logistics specialists, medical staff to the roles we think about as pilots, soldiers and seamen. 

As a country, we make a huge investment in training our service personnel. That’s why we are passionate about using the Armed Forces Covenant to help appreciate and embrace those skills in business.

Championing Enterprise through the Armed Forces Covenant

We’ve made our pledges under the Armed Forces Covenant. Living and working within a forces community, it’s important to find ways to support service leavers and their families.

As an Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs Academy, Help Me Grow champion enterprise and small business in Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire.

Working with our community we pledge to help promote the use of the skills our service personnel have, to encourage self-employment and the creation of small businesses.

We will open up our Think_UP! and Start_UP! courses and accreditations to armed forces staff and their families, to help nuture ideas, build networks and help create businesses to support service leavers and their families.

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