The Power of Testimonials – [June 2020]

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The Power of Testimonials – [June 2020]

“Jamie, you have just got to try….. it was amazing!”

The power of testimonials and personal recommendation is immense.

According to Nielsen and Roper Reports, 92% of people acknowledge that a word-of-mouth recommendation is a prime reason they have purchased a product or service.

Getting one person to endorse your product, what we in marketing circles call a ‘raving fan’, can work wonders for your business.

Raving fans are people who love to tell their friends about great products or services.

Those recommendations can be the cheapest forms of marketing, but you have to have a strategy to get them and use them.

How photographers can get testimonials automatically..

✅ Do you have a studio management system?

Add a new step to your workflow.

Ask your clients to leave you a review, and present the links you would like them to click on.

In our business, we ask for reviews on Facebook, Google My Business, and

Again, ask in person when delivering or handing over finished products.

Tell them the email is coming, to look out for it and that it’s super easy to do.

People like to help small businesses and if you explain why its so valuable to you, they are sure to help.


we’ve got reviews and testimonials what do we do with them?

  1. Use them as social media posts. You can anonymize them by using people’s initials, but putting the area they live ie. “J.M – Camberley.”
  2. Use them as ways to refresh your website content. Google loves sites that are regularly updating and adding fresh content to pages. So add new reviews as you get them. Also, put reviews on each page of your website to give authority. These are paying customers that loved your service and you can help the viewer too.
  3. Use them in your teaser videos.

There is added kudos by using external companies like TrustPilot, FourSquare etc.

You’ll also see I mentioned Google My Business. If you haven’t taken action yet, head to The Photographer Magazine and read my Get Started with GMB article.

Your reviews here will show up in Google Search and add credibility to you in the search results.

But I’m going to share another tool we use.

My secret weapon to get more enquiries…..

ProveSource. ( If clients have used us, and reviewed us on any of our linked social media accounts, then they appear on our website automatically as a small pop up.

Social Proof the latest in testimonial and online reviews for your website.

They are attention-grabbing, real-life people. It’s fit and forget.

Once you add it, it will pull those testimonials from your other social media channels. Just like that one to one personal review.

It helps boost enquiries and it gets more conversions.

They do a free plan, and it’s a simple piece of code to install on your website.

So there we have it, a few minutes work on a dull Tuesday and you have a testimonial system to use in your marketing.

Example of social proofing and testimonials
Example of Social Proofing from Nudgify

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