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Why Every Small Business Owner Must Discover Their DISC Profile

Creating the right workplace team harmony with DISC profiles

Why Every Small Business Owner Must Discover Their DISC Profile

In the competitive landscape of small businesses, understanding oneself can be a game-changer. Among the various tools available, one assessment stands out for its simplicity, effectiveness, and profound insights: the DISC profile.

So, why should every small business owner have their DISC profile in their toolkit? Let’s dive in.

Unveiling the DISC Magic

The DISC profile is a behavioural assessment tool, deciphering four primary traits: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness. Each trait sheds light on our behavioural tendencies, communication styles, and decision-making processes. For a small business owner, these insights are invaluable.

The Competitive Edge of Knowing Your DISC Profile:

  1. Self-awareness and Leadership: Recognizing your dominant trait helps in understanding your strengths and weaknesses. For instance, if you’re high in Dominance, you’re likely assertive and results-oriented. Knowing this can help tailor your leadership style to be more effective.
  2. Enhanced Communication: Business is all about communication. Knowing whether you’re an “I” (Influence) with a penchant for enthusiastic and persuasive communication, or a “C” (Conscientiousness) who values data and details, can shape your interactions with staff, clients, and partners.
  3. Decision Making with Clarity: Understanding your profile aids in decision-making. A high “S” (Steadiness) might lean towards stability and predictability, while a “D” might be more willing to take calculated risks.
  4. Efficient Task Delegation: By understanding your DISC profile, you can delegate tasks that might not align with your natural strengths to team members better suited for them. This ensures that the right person is always on the right task, driving productivity.
  5. Personal Growth and Development: As a business owner, your growth directly impacts your business’s success. Recognising areas for personal development, based on your DISC profile, can guide targeted skill and personal development.

Broadening the Horizon with DISC

Beyond personal insight, understanding DISC can offer broader strategic advantages:

  1. Building a Balanced Team: If you’re high in Influence and lack in Conscientiousness, you might consider hiring team members who possess those traits you lack, ensuring a balanced team dynamic.
  2. Targeted Marketing: DISC isn’t just about introspection. Knowing your target audience’s likely profile can shape marketing strategies, enhancing connection and engagement.
  3. Improved Sales Strategy: Similar to marketing, understanding a potential client’s DISC profile can help tailor your sales pitch, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

The Benefits of Understanding Your Own DISC Profile

Understanding one’s DISC profile can be immensely beneficial for business owners. The DISC model, which categorizes behaviour into four types – Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness, offers insights into personal behavioural patterns.

For a business owner, this understanding can lead to more effective communication, as they can tailor their approach to resonate with different personalities in their team. It also enhances leadership skills, as recognizing one’s own strengths and weaknesses allows for more empathetic and efficient management.

Moreover, self-awareness fostered by knowing one’s DISC profile can improve decision-making. A business owner who understands their tendency towards risk-taking or caution, for example, can balance these inclinations with objective data. This leads to more balanced and thoughtful business strategies.

Finally, understanding the DISC profile assists in conflict resolution and team building. By recognizing the diverse behavioural styles in their team, a business owner can mediate conflicts more effectively and create a harmonious, productive work environment. This not only improves team dynamics but also positively impacts the overall health and success of the business.


The world of small business is thrilling, filled with challenges and opportunities at every turn. Tools like the DISC profile aren’t just “nice to have”; they can be the difference between thriving and merely surviving.

So, if you’re a small business owner looking to gain an edge, understand your employees better, or simply communicate more effectively, dive deep into your DISC profile. It’s an investment in yourself, and by extension, your business.

Are you a small business owner keen to unlock your potential? Discover your DISC profile today and embark on a transformative journey of self-awareness and business excellence.

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Jamie Morgan

Jamie Morgan is a business coach and marketing specialist who works with businesses to help them crack the rhythmic acquisition of customers. His implementation of the Entrepreneurs Marketing & Sales System into businesses boosts revenue and markedly improves profit.

Jamie is an EC Certified Business Coach, Fellow of the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs and a Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.