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Why photographers should think about buying a new car….

Photographers are you thinking of buying a car | New car dealership parking

Photographers – Are you planning to buy a car?

The car sales market is another luxury goods market going through a time of change at the moment. But there are marketing lessons photographers can learn! Let’s take a look…

Who wants to buy a car amidst a covid outbreak?

This week, Think with Google introduced a whitepaper on how the industry is adapting and the search trends they are discovering.

You can view the article here: https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/…/auto-industry-impact-dur…/

Interesting comparisons can be made to the photography industry.

There are still going to be people looking to purchase, but the buyer persona may have changed from what we are used too.

The article talked about adaptions industry-wide to help meet the client needs.

👉  How can we stay customer-focused during these times and still operate a business?

👉  Are we introducing a delivery service perhaps?

👉  Are we upskilling and learning how to provide online viewings or consultations?

👉  Are we adapting our supply chain and product offer to improve ensure we still achieve sales?

Just a few of the questions that popped into my head as I went through the article.

➡️  What do you think we can learn from other industries at this time?

Add your comments below.

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