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Claim Your Marketing Critique worth £197, for free.

Fed up with writing marketing pieces only your mum loves?

I guarantee you honest, helpful feedback on your marketing, with action points to help you improve client attraction and conversion.

Unlike your mum, I won’t polish your ego. You’ll just get clear action points on how to make your marketing more effective.

Claim a free marketing critique by Jamie Morgan, an experienced and qualified marketing professional.

But, before you send it to me, you must work through the checklist and fill in a quick form…

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Your marketing critique
pre-application checklist
Check these before you send...

1Your Headline. Does your piece have an attention-grabbing headline to convince your audience that it’s worth their time to start reading. Ask yourself honestly: Would I read this, or bin it? It’s hard to grab peoples attention. Just because you’ve taken the time to create some marketing doesn’t mean they’ll read it. Your piece needs to capture and keep their attention. Struggling with headlines? Let me know.

2Your Testimonials.  Testimonials are a superpower that every marketer needs in their arsenal. What other people say about your business is worth a whopping 10x, your own marketing message. All good marketing pieces are supercharged with testimonials from past customers. Where possible include full details including location, company, better still a photo or video.

3Benefits not features.  What are the benefits for a customer of using your service or product?  Why would they choose you above your competition. Don’t just go through the motions of telling them what you do. Tell them why they’d be crazy to even consider the competition.

4Your Call to Action.  Every marketing piece has to have a purpose. What do you want your customer to do? Is it designed to make the phone ring, for the prospect to visit your website, redeem a coupon? A clear call to action is essential to explain what the next step is and what they should do. Getting this right, will improve how effective your marketing is.

5Your Offer.  Always include an offer – with a deadline. Using a compelling offer in your marketing, in combination with a deadline, will give the reader a reason to TAKE ACTION. People are busy and easily distracted, so need a reason to take action and this nudge is perfect. 

These five check points will help you ensure your marketing piece is already on top form before I look at it.

The last thing I want to do is send you back to the drawing board, highlighting the basics on this list.

Once you are ready, and are sure that your marketing piece covers the 5 points on the Checklist, just complete the form below.

Why do I need to complete the form?

We might not have worked together yet and to give you the very best service, I need to know a little about your business, your target market, and how you plan to use the marketing piece.

Once you’ve pinged it over to me, I will get a cracking critique organised and back to you within 7 days.


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Jamie Morgan - Business Coach and Marketing Mentor

Jamie Morgan is a business coach and marketing specialist who works with businesses to help them crack the rhythmic acquisition of customers. His implementation of the Entrepreneurs Marketing & Sales System into businesses boosts revenue and markedly improves profit.

Since 2015, Jamie has been speaking, educating and mentoring business owners on how to make their business stand out and gain more customers.

Jamie has run successful businesses for over 22 years in diverse sectors as marketing and photography, electrical and fire safety consultancy, confectionery and office supplies. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs, Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and Member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology.