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Is business coaching tax deductible in the UK?

When it comes to business expenses in the UK, Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs has strict rules around what you can and can’t claim against your self employed tax return.

These rules vary a little depending upon the structure of your business, whether you are self employed, a partnership or a limited company. So it’s always best to chat with an accountant about your specific situation, however..

HMRC makes it clear, if you are self employed, that you can claim allowable business expenses for training that helps you improve the skills and knowledge you use in your business.

There are many different types of coaching for professionals available in the UK, from executive coaching, life coaching to business coaching.

Working with a professional business coach on a structured coaching programme would add to your business management and leadership skills, whilst helping to also improve the business.

Other types of coaching such as life coaching may not be an allowable expense, depending upon the circumstances, it would be advisable to speak to an accountant.

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